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I have been using Doxylamine for about four weeks when after a house-breaking I developed serious insomnia. I couldn't sleep at all, as I constantly heard some noise, voices and so on. I was afraid of staying at home alone and soon I developed horrible insomnia when I couldn't sleep even at my friend's house as I heard the same sounds of burglary everywhere in the night. However that was a consequence of stress and shock, that was not any kind of psychotic disorder. However after three almost sleepless weeks my nervous system was shattered and I looked like a zombie. So I desperately needed some quick help. That is why my doctor decided to put me on some mild sedative medication to treat my insomnia and he prescribed me with Doxylamine. That was the right decision as after one month on the medication I got back my normal sleeping pattern, I could go to bed and was fast asleep in 10 minutes. There were absolutely no side effects from the medication. I enjoyed every aspect of the treatment, the effectiveness especially. I think it's a very well-elaborated medication for its purpose, safe and effective.

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For me Doxylamine turned out to be a real life-saver when last month during my exams I unexpectedly developed serious insomnia. It was all very shocking for me as firstly, I had no real problems with my exams and was ready and prepared; secondly, I had never had any problems with sleep and insomnia was something like a fabricated excuse people used to hide real problems or their laziness. At first I decided that I couldn't sleep because of an extra cup of coffee I thoughtlessly drank in the evening. But on the second night the story repeated. My college friend advised me Doxylamine. At first I was not sure, but after the third sleepless night, when I realized that now my exams were really in danger, I accepted his offer and started taking Doxylamine pills. The medication is really amazing. On the first night when I started using the drug I had perfect sleep. On the next night I decided to continue in order to avoid insomnia recurrence. In three days I stopped taking the pills and there were no more problems with sleep. Besides I noticed no side effects during the treatment, in spite of the fact that my friend had warned me about possible dizziness or slightly blurred vision. In a few words, perfect medication - I recommend it to others.

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